Megaform Building Systems


We are proud to be the only designers in Australasia to have developed the next generation of ICF systems (Insulated Concrete Formwork) trademarked as Megaform. Through extensive international research studying building systems Megaform provides high structural integrity, high insulation value, excellent design flexibility and overall, an easy to use system that results in faster construction times.

Advancing the fast growing and innovative building technique Megaform building system meets and exceeds all the stringent building standards of today. Further studies into acoustic transmission, fire ratings and structural performance lead to the increased benefits that Megaform has over other major conventional building systems.


Megaform provides the latest building technology that has been developed and patent in Australia, an advancement on proven building systems. Megaform would lead the field, offering Architects more design creativity, structural integrity including Eco friendly qualities. Its high insulation values that are now being sought after due to rising power costs. Home owners/builders and developers are looking for alternatives, faster construction time and more value for their monies.


Megaform offers all these advantages to the building industry at no extra cost compared to conventional building with added savings on energy consumption.


Megaform is the most advanced “technical” ICF system available in Australasia, with more advantages than previous systems while providing greater structural integrity, energy efficient, time saving, cost effective, fire and acoustic rating.


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