It is important that builders whom are going to use the Megaform ICF system are educated on how to install Megaform. This is a great financial benefit for builders and clients. A good installer will know all benefits on how to use the system efficiently; this would assist the builder and clients in cutting down wastage and construction time, while identifying all areas where Megaform can be used to improve the energy efficiency and structural areas of the Building.


Blair Construction is a certified builder of Megaform ICF building systems, with over 35 years of building experience constructing Architectural homes and using ICF building systems. Blair Construction can offer you a competitive price or can assist other builders to install the Megaform Building System.


Megaform technical people will personally visit sites at various stages of construction to make sure that all construction containing Megaform ICF is constructed to the high standard that we aim for.

Continuous staff training will be given to any private user, License Holder and Sub License holder or Builder. Regular visits will be undertaken to make sure that the high quality is maintained and all methods used, comply with Megaform technical manual and to engineering standards.


Megaform's Propping system has been especially designed to make the installation of the blocks faster. The Megaform propping system will assist in aligning the walls, while providing a safe scaffold platform. Once wall height is reached, walls are filled with concrete, The Propping system correctly installed in place will make concrete pouring faster and easier for placement up to 3 meters.


Megaform Scaffolding system, clips on to the Megaform Propping system. The scaffolding will allow workers to place the concrete at a manageable height while walking around to allowing a safe and consistent flow of concrete to be placed between the two polystyrene forms.


Construction projects are a large investment; this is why it is important to be reassured from the start. Being professionally advised about different kind of products that work in conjunction with Megaform will result in your house being more energy efficient, structurally stronger to resist cyclones and earthquakes while cutting down on electricity cost.

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