Megaform Licensee Infomation


A unique opportunity has become available to register your interest towards becoming the licensee for the latest innovative product by an award-winning designer in the ICF building system industry.

The ICF product range offers combined attributes of high structural integrity with reinforced concrete walls, high insulation values coupled with high fire resistant ratings and low sound transfers.

After being awarded the NZIOB James Hardie Award for innovation in 1998 in New Zealand, the experienced designer has now developed a new generation of ICF systems superior to those currently in use today.

This system offers better insulation factors, faster construction time and superior formwork strength. The ICF building technique and system is highly cost effective enabling you to easily position your new business venture in today’s competitive market. With superb application and design flexibility it is ideal for all corners of construction in both residential and commercial projects where structural integrity is required.

Most countries are experiencing population growth. This also puts more demand on the housing industry. Using ICF in residential and commercial will cut down cost and construction time. Australia annual temperatures are to increase on an average of 1-6 ºC. Australia and New Zealand is experiencing more extreme weather events and seismic activity.


Licensee areas available:

Northern Territory - Read more.

Western Australia - Read more.

South Australia - Read more.

Queensland - Read more.

New South Wales (including ACT) - Read more.

Victoria - Read more.

Tasmania - Read more.

New Zealand - Read more.